Thursday, 2nd April 2020

Woman tips hairdresser, leaves salon, goes around corner and bursts into tears

A WOMAN has thanked her hairdresser, paid, tipped, walked away with a cheerful wave and the moment she was out of sight burst into tears. 

Joanna Kramer had asked for a couple of cautious inches off the length, some weight taking out and caramel highlights, but to her horror now has an asymmetric cinnamon bob with a mauve streak.

She said: “I was initially immersed in reading some old copies of Now! so I didn’t realise how wrong it was going until I saw the asymmetrical layers.

“I looked up in shock but the hairdresser thought I was reacting to her story about her cousin’s wedding, and I didn’t feel like I could stop the flow to mention that I now hated the whole of my head and, by extension, my entire self.

“It was all I could do to keep composed when she took the foils off. I hoped she might save it with styling, but at the end when she was orbiting my head with the little mirror I was almost welling up.

“Obviously I smiled, said it was great and left a generous tip. I can cry once I’ve turned this corner.”