BBC ordered to refer to Terminator as T-800

THE government has told the BBC not to prejudice the public by referring to the T-800 as the Terminator.

The time-travelling robot has registered an official complaint, backed by more than 60,000 Daily Mail readers after a column by Peter Hitchens, about the broadcaster’s use of a disliked nickname.

Culture secretary Ed Vaizey said: “This is a perfect example of BBC bias, using a discredited, outdated tag to turn opinions against the work this tireless servant is doing for Skynet.

“Also, as a broadcaster with a duty to inform, they really ought to distinguish between the T-800, the rubber-skinned T-600 shape-shifting T-1000 and the T-X models. I mean that’s basic news reporting.”

The BBC has offered a full apology and right of reply to the T-800, who will appear on Monday’s Today to debate the rights and wrongs of changing the future with John Humphrys and guest Sarah Connor.