Judges ‘undermining the constitutional role of tabloids’

BRITAIN’S judiciary is threatening the ancient constitutional position of tabloid newspapers, experts have claimed.

Sun editor Tony Gallagher has hit out at politicians for their ‘half-hearted’ backing of the tabloids when judges make decisions that threaten their interests.

He added: “Our constitutional role is to choose the prime minister, decide when Britain goes to war and withdraw the country from the European Union.

“But still these unelected elitists, on six figure salaries plus expenses, try to block policies overwhelmingly backed by not just ourselves but the Daily Mail and Her Majesty’s Daily Express

“And don’t forget, as editor of the Sun I am also the Lord High Chamberlain of the Mob.” 

Gallagher added: “Rupert Murdoch? No, don’t think I’ve heard the name. He owns this newspaper? I honestly did not know that.”