Paul Dacre swinging Quasimodo-like from Big Ben

DAILY Mail editor Paul Dacre has scaled the Elizabeth Tower and is currently dangling from Big Ben, in protest at its silencing due to renovation work. 

With his face painted red white and blue and his trousers tied around his head, Mr Dacre has vowed not to come down until the Queen herself promises that the bell will carry on ringing every 15 minutes.

Ears oozing blood from his proximity to the bell and shouting through a megaphone, Dacre said: “Protecting the eardrums of maintenance workers is exactly how the Third Reich started.

“First you had Himmler and Goebbels going about with clipboards at factories, saying, ooh, you shouldn’t leave that bar of soap near that giant vat of white hot liquid iron, someone might slip on it and fall in. The next thing, they invaded Poland.”

Roy Hobbs, the caretaker of the Elizabeth Tower added: “He’ll come down eventually, I suppose. Or fall hundreds of feet to his death. I don’t care either way.”