Unfunny Facebook comment ‘liked’ out of years of friendship

A MAN has been forced to ‘like’ an unfunny comment left on his Facebook page out of years of friendship.

Tom Booker was forced to ‘like’ the comment left by his friend Martin Bishop despite the fact it wasn’t funny and barely even made sense.

He said: “If someone from work or maybe a relative had left the comment I could have simply deleted it, or taken the piss out of them.

“But as it’s Martin and he did help me move house last week I’m forced to pretend I found it worthwhile and amusing.

“That did then unfortunately lead to some other people adding their remarks to the comment which I then also had to ‘like’ to not look like a prick.

“I’d say it’s a ball-ache having friends but more accurately it’s just a ball-ache having Facebook.”