Unfunny Facebook comment 'liked' out of years of friendship

A MAN has been forced to ‘like’ an unfunny comment left on his Facebook page out of years of friendship.

Tom Booker was forced to ‘like’ the comment left by his friend Martin Bishop despite the fact it wasn’t funny and barely even made sense.

He said: “If someone from work or maybe a relative had left the comment I could have simply deleted it, or taken the piss out of them.

“But as it’s Martin and he did help me move house last week I’m forced to pretend I found it worthwhile and amusing.

“That did then unfortunately lead to some other people adding their remarks to the comment which I then also had to ‘like’ to not look like a prick.

“I’d say it’s a ball-ache having friends but more accurately it’s just a ball-ache having Facebook.”




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Class system broken down into people who say red sauce and people who say ketchup

THE British class system has been broken down to two types of people, those who say ketchup and those who say red sauce.

Researchers at the Institute for Studies found that people earning under £40,000 a year all call it red sauce whilst those in the higher income bracket, without exception, say ketchup.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “For example, the Queen would call it ketchup and the commoner who’s married to her grandson would call it red sauce.

Roger Waters, ketchup. Anyone who won X Factor in the last 5 years, red sauce.”

Professor Brubaker added that there is no earthly reason why brown sauce is just called brown sauce and doesn’t have any other kind of name.

He said: “Bretchup maybe? Or does that sound too much like Brexit?

Brexit Sauce is probably what they’ll start calling it in Wetherspoons.”