Devoted son spends hours searching for Mother’s Day discount codes

A LOVING son spent an entire morning googling coupon codes to get money off a bunch of flowers for his mum, it has emerged.

Tom Logan decided his lovely mum deserved to be treated like a queen for a day and so spend yesterday morning looking for offers.

Logan said: “I love my mum, and because I can’t be bothered to go home to see her for Mother’s Day, I decided it would look thoughtful to wow her with a heavily discounted bouquet.

“But these flower companies are taking the piss. I’m not paying for delivery as well.

“Mum wouldn’t want me to waste my hard-earned money on some flowers that are going to die in a week, especially since I’m heading off to Thailand for a three-week bender with my mates.”

Logan added: “I’ll probably get her a card that says ‘Mum’ in big fuck-off letter on it so she knows it’s for her. Or something with a photo of a baby sleeping in a cocktail glass – that’s the kind of thing mums like, isn’t it?”