Monday, 25th May 2020

Why could men possibly want to be pick-up artists, wonders baffled Guardian

THE Guardian has puzzled over why men could possibly want to be expert at picking up women for no-strings sex, and has found no answers. 

Guardian journalist Thom Booker spent an afternoon researching the murky world of pick-up artists and concluded that nothing can possibly explain what motivates them to treat women as mere sex objects.

He continued: “They could be opening important dialogues with women about Extinction Rebellion, or developing their intersectional feminism, or simply showing solidarity in the era of Trump. But instead, they’re trying to have sex with them?

“Why? What could that possibly achieve, in our current political climate? It’s unfathomable.

“I asked a few of these so-called ‘pick-up artists’ about what spurs them on, are they looking to decolonise their toxic masculinitity etcetera, but again it was all this stuff about ‘meeting women’ and ‘sex’.

“I asked if they’d considered following more marginalised voices on Twitter, which I think they’d find more fulfilling, but they looked at me as if I was the idiot. Me. None of it makes sense.”

Later that evening Booker visited the pub, idly tried a couple of the techniques, went home with a woman and spent the following day slack-jawed with an expression of slowly dawning comprehension.