Couple laugh about cliché of ‘flat pack furniture arguments’ then have massive row anyway

A COUPLE who joked about how putting IKEA furniture together would ruin their relationship now have half a Billy bookcase and hate each other’s guts. 

Donna Sheridan and Nathan Muir began the assembly process in high spirits, laughing about the rift it would cause, but have not spoken for four hours and do not know if they ever will again.

Sheridan said: “It seemed hilarious in the shop. All those couples who so clearly wanted to smother each other with Malisen throw cushions. How unlike them we were.

“But my illusion of Nathan as an intelligent and capable person has been shattered by watching him struggling to turn an Allen key for the 19th time.

“And yes, perhaps I didn’t realise from the patronisingly simple diagrams that some of the shelves were adjustable, but he didn’t have to be such a twat about it. We didn’t need every single fucking shelf, did we?

“I’m sure we’ll laugh together again. Just not about this specific thing.”