Friday, 6th December 2019

Couple on date night can't wait to get home, jump into bed and get on their phones

A COUPLE on date night cannot wait to finish their meal, get home, go straight up to the bedroom and have a good, long phone browsing session. 

Tom Logan and Helen Archer, who have been in a relationship for three years, admitted the anticipation will make the eventual moment when their fingers are all over their touchscreens all the sweeter.

Archer said: “All the way through our creme bruleé I couldn’t think about anything else but what might have been posted on Facebook. And I know he was the same.

“You could have cut the tension in the taxi home with a knife. My hands were trembling.

“We might have been together for a while, but the passion’s still there. We had our phones out before we even got to the bedroom. We didn’t say a word to each other. We didn’t need to.”

Logan said: “We’re not afraid to experiment, either. Sometimes she likes to browse on my iPad and I’ve got no problem with that. Once I brought a laptop to bed.

“But for special occasions obviously we put our devices away, get close, and watch a film on our 55” wall-mounted flatscreen TV."