Friday, 29th May 2020

Couple suddenly panicking that wedding may be on

A COUPLE who were secretly relieved that their September wedding would probably have to be postponed are now terrified they might have to go through with it.

Emma Bradford and Tom Booker initially expressed devastation when their ‘dream day’ was jeopardised by the pandemic, but are now instead feeling a creeping dread that it may actually take place.

Bradford said: “That’s the thing with dreams, they don’t usually happen. It turns out I preferred getting married when it was an imaginary event very far away in the future.

“On top of that, weeks of social isolation has shown me how little I want to get 100 people I can hardly stand drunk at my own expense.

“With it indefinitely postponed I got everyone’s sympathy but without actually have to sign a legal document pledging my loyalty to a mid-level accountant who keeps trying to make his own ale.”

Booker said: “It took lockdown to realise that spending all my time with Emma is emphatically not what I want to do for the rest of my life.

“Besides I’ve mentally already spent my half of the returned deposit on a beer fridge and a PlayStation 5.”