Friday, 29th May 2020

Mum struggling to recreate high she used to get from dropping off children at school

A WOMAN is missing the kick she used to feel when leaving her children in someone else’s care for the day.

Carolyn Ryan has been chasing the high of school drop-off since lockdown began and is becoming increasingly desperate to feel the same buzz.

Ryan said: “The sweet and simple joy of waving your children goodbye before slamming the car door, cranking up Heart FM and not having to deal with their bullshit for the next six hours is unlike anything else on earth.

“I’ve tried to replicate the feeling by telling myself I could just leave them at the park, or walk out of the house and never go back, but it doesn’t give me the same narcotics-like hit.

“The closest I can come to that surging feeling of freedom and possibility now is when I get them all buckled into their car seats.

“There are five magical seconds between shutting their car doors and opening mine when I feel the endorphins kick in, then as soon as I sit down they open their mouths and instantly harsh my buzz.”