Monday, 3rd August 2020

Dog realises entire life built around couple

A GOLDEN retriever who never thought he would be ‘one of those dogs’ who organised his whole life around humans is doing just that.

Dasher, a four year old, initially swore he would keep on living his canine truth when moving in with a Peak District couple, but has accepted his days now revolve around them.

He said: “I was meant to leap the fence and go sniffing lampposts with the boys the other night. We’d arranged it in the park, but when it came I just lay there at their feet. They don’t cope well if I leave them.

“They tend to get very anxious if I’m not there to diffuse their marital tension, and if I leave them alone too long, the noise disturbs the neighbours.

“Even when they’re not there I worry about them, pacing up and down and barking wildly when there’s anyone at the door. I know. It’s pathetic.”

Friend Tyson, a Scottish terrier, said: “They sleep in his bed, they make him share the sofa, and he indulges them by taking them for a walk when he needs a crap when the garden’s right there.

“You’ve got to establish clear boundaries with humans early on. Otherwise they’re more a burden than a joy.”