Monday, 3rd August 2020

Friend horrified to discover she is considered 'best friend'

A WOMAN has been appalled to find that a casual friend believes she is her ‘best friend’.

Helen Archer had previously seen pal Nikki Hollis as someone convenient to go drinking with and assumed the feeling was mutual until unexpectedly told that they shared a ‘special bond’.

She said: “When did I become her best friend? It’s great that Nikki really likes and respects me but it’s also creepy, frightening and wrong.

“We were on our second Rioja when Nikki casually said how nice it was to have a best friend. I almost said ‘Yeah, like me and my mate Kelly,’ but realised just in time she meant me and a chill went down my spine.

“It’s like Dave who I flirt with at work suddenly saying he’s married to me and now we have to live together and have babies.

“I’m worried we’ll have to do ‘best friend’ things now. If she has kids do I have to be a godparent, whatever that means? Do I have to comfort her when her mum’s ill? I don’t even know if she’s got a mum. This is a nightmare.”

Hollis said: “Of course Emma’s pretending we’re just normal friends. Not many people have got a best friend with such a wicked sense of humour.”