Sunday, 18th April 2021

'How you been?' 'Alright, you?' say brothers who haven't seen each other in four months

A PAIR of brothers separated for the whole of lockdown have effortlessly slipped back into their emotionally detached rapport.

Tom Booker met older brother Ryan for a drink yesterday to exchange superficial pleasantries as if the coronavirus lockdown had never happened.

Tom said: “We’ve been texting the whole time. I think about four times.

“So when we met up we talked about this Homes Under the Hammer episode we’d both watched, and that Oasis demo that got released, and Leeds getting promoted, and I think that was it.

“I mean I suppose I’ve missed him a bit or whatever. But he lives on his own and doesn’t really have any friends or workmates or shit, so if I got in touch it might have been overwhelming.

“We parted with a curt nod, saying ‘See ya’ without any indication we cared, then went our separate ways. It was just like Dad’s at Christmas.”

Ryan said: “I wondered if he’d mention anything emotional, like when he broke my Zoids Scorpear in 1993. Good to see he’s still alive though. I guess.”