Husband can't wait to hear latest thrilling twists and turns in saga of wife's office

A MAN cannot wait for his wife to update him on the latest gripping events in the ongoing saga of what’s happened in her office.

Stephen Malley insists wife Kerry begins revealing the latest developments as soon as she comes in, comparing the unpredictable tale to Game of Thrones or Bodyguard.

He said: “Has Linda actually filed that complaint? Did Matt steal Gerald’s chair, even though he knew it had been specially adjusted for him by facilities? And what of Donna’s flexitime?

“I spend most of the day thinking about it – my office is boring, nothing like as colourful and dramatic as hers – and then I’m on the edge of my seat as she reveals the latest twist.

“Who could’ve possibly imagined that Gill would overhear what Jackie said to James about the performance review? Why did Heather refuse to change the printer ink? Was Leanne really at the dentist?

“Try as I might, I can never see what’s coming. I mean the whole thing about Linda’s soy milk being left out of the fridge, who could have guessed? And what next?”

Wife Kerry said: “Some women’s husbands aren’t interested in what happens at their work. But not every woman has a workplace as wild as mine.”

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What's your bullshit middle-class parenting style?

ARE you convinced you’ve got a brilliant parenting style, when really it’s just some bollocks you read in a Sunday supplement? Read our guide and find out.

‘Having mature agreements’

What you think: Little Jack tidying his bedroom for six weeks in return for a Playstation game is a great way of teaching him about responsibility.

Reality: A chaotic system of bribery involving sweets and toys in which your children will come to believe everything they do must involve a reward and they can demand £20 for doing a poo.

‘Encouraging their creativity’

What you think: Your relaxed parenting style will cause your child to become a famous writer and you’ll be showered with champagne and kudos at their book launches.

Reality: You take your children to restaurants, fail to control them in any way and get sloshed while they run around calling other diners ‘paedos’ despite having no idea what it means.

‘Treating them like adults’

What you think: Talking to them about adult things and involving them in decisions will make them wonderfully mature.

Reality: A lifetime of therapy after you explained daddy’s inability to give mummy an orgasm and took them to see the family dog being put down.

‘Hands-off parenting’

What you think: Encouraging their independence means your kids are going to be bold, self-reliant adults, probably round-the-world yachtspersons!

Reality: You mostly remember to feed them but they spend a lot of time subsisting on Haribo and using their iPad to visit the darkest recesses of the internet. Would involve social services if you didn’t have a Volvo.