Monday, 6th July 2020

Husband not expecting to see wife for several hours due to 'quick bath'

A HUSBAND has accepted he will be spending most of the day alone with the kids after his wife told him she was “off for a quick bath”. 

Upon hearing the bath would be ‘quick’, Martin Bishop’s heart sank as he realised he would be responsible for household chores and childcare for an extremely long time.

Bishop said: “She often goes for ‘quick’ baths but what are they quick in relation to? Learning French, the lifespan of a horse, designing a cathedral, what? 

“She actually put some stuff in a bag for this one, including a selection of magazines, a large bar of chocolate and a homemade smoothie. That alone took her 15 minutes.

“Now I’ve got to do all the tedious kids’ stuff. Oven chips and salt is a pretty balanced meal, right?”

Bishop’s wife Sarah said: “Martin should count himself lucky I said ‘quick bath’ and not just ‘bath’ because then he would not be seeing me until bedtime.”