Man bragging about sexual exploits being made fun of by all three women

A MAN is bragging about his so-called sexual exploits while all three women he has slept with are making fun of him behind his back.

The women are puzzled by Tom Logan’s ‘heroic’ tales and are putting the record straight with the specific and humiliating details of his poor lovemaking skills.

The trio have even started a Whatsapp group dedicated exclusively to Logan’s sexual incompetence.

One of the women said: “His premature ejaculation was actually a relief, although erectile dysfunction would have been preferable.”

Another added: “I faked a very realistic orgasm in order to move things along.

“He seemed to be genuinely confused as to what was going on.”

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UK's most confident woman asks which aisle the lube is in

A 28-YEAR-OLD has been crowned the UK’s most confident woman after asking a Boots sales assistant which aisle the lubricant is in.

Emma Bradford strode purposefully into her local branch of Boots and, after scanning the shop floor, demanded help in finding sexual intercourse accessories.

Sales assistant Jennifer Harris said: “I showed her to the aisle, but then she asked very specific questions about the products and if I had used them myself.

“This is Boots, so things can get a bit weird, but she had an aura like I’d never felt before.”

Bradford said: “Sex is natural and lubricant is, at times. an immensely helpful product. Now stop all this prudish, Victorian nonsense and let’s get the job done.”