Saturday, 4th April 2020

Man impresses date by not taking any sh*t from waitress

A MAN decided to prove his attractiveness on a first date by boldly showing a teenage waitress who was boss.

Martin Bishop, 35, believed he was demonstrating all the qualities women look for in a man by throwing his weight around with badly-paid 17-year-old student Donna Sheridan.

Bishop said: “Luckily I brought flowers, so I was able to snap my fingers and tell this young girl to put them in water till the end of the meal. Smooth move.

“I also complained there was a smear on my knife, forcing Donna to bring a new one. Then I sent back the main course to get it heated up a bit. This is pure alpha male stuff.”

Date Emma Bradford said: “It’s good that Martin refuses to accept anything other than the highest standards of service, because it was a pleasant break from him talking about his f**king car.”

Bishop later reported that no sexual activity or further contact with Bradford resulted from the date, but feels it would have if he had complained about the hand dryer in the men’s toilets.