Thursday, 13th May 2021

Man makes error of joining in with girlfriend's joke about her hair

A MAN has made the foolish mistake of joining in on his girlfriend’s self-deprecating joke about how terrible her hair looks.

Jack Browne made the misjudged comment after Hannah Tomlinson complained about her hair and made an unflattering comparison between herself and a fictional villain.

Browne said: “Hannah mentioned that her bob had grown out to a weird length that makes her look like Severus Snape. So I said, ‘Yeah, you look like you should be brewing potions in a dungeon. And also a bit evil.’

“Rather than laugh, she responded with a stony silence. She would have found it hilarious if I’d said it about her mum. Women are so unpredictable.”

Hannah Tomlinson said: “Everyone knows that when your girlfriend says her hair looks shit you disagree with her, not join in.

“I replied by saying if he really thought I was that disgusting, I might as well start dating his best mate instead.

“He didn’t like that. Men really have no sense of humour.”