Tuesday, 26th January 2021

Man marries woman he doesn't fancy to be polite

A BRITISH man has married a woman he is not attracted to out of sheer British politeness. 

Julian Cook tied the knot with fiancée Emma Bradford despite having never really had that much of a thing for her and actually preferring her sister if anything.

He said: “Emma’s lovely. She’s just not my type.

“I like a curvy woman and Emma’s tall and pointy and pinched in the face, but I was brought up to be respectful and considerate and respect women’s wishes, so I felt it was bad-mannered not to propose.

"I've never had a boner for her, and the wedding night sh*g was a terrible let-down, but at least I've not been rude.

“Apparently sex pretty much stops now anyway, so that’s a bit of a boost.”

Bradford said: “I don’t want children but I think Julian does and it seems brusque to ask. So I suppose we’d better start.”