Friday, 5th June 2020

Man updating Tinder photo to brand new one from five years ago

A MAN who has decided his dating profile picture is out of date is replacing it with one from five years ago rather than 10.

After reluctantly accepting he cannot pass for a 33-year-old anymore, Wayne Hayes now feels he should do the right thing and be less deceitful about his looks.

IT worker Hayes said: “It’s not really lying, because I haven’t changed that much. Just all the new grey hair and beer gut. Little things women barely notice.

“I might run into problems when we meet in real life and they see I’m a haggard version of what they were expecting. However relationships with me involve a lot of disappointment, so in a way it’s an honest foundation for the future.

“If they do moan that I don’t look like my picture, I’ll just say they need to get their eyes seen to. Women love to be taken in hand by a confident, masculine man after all.”

Previous Tinder match Carolyn Ryan said: “I didn’t actually mind about Wayne’s looks, it’s just I didn’t think a pack of bacon-flavoured condoms was an appropriate first date gift.”