Man who likes ‘nights in, nights out’ absolutely cleans up on dating site

A MAN who likes both ‘nights in’ and ‘nights out’ is absolutely storming it on a dating site.

Stephen Malley, 29, said: “I just put ‘nights in, nights out’ under the section marked ‘interests’ and my inbox just started blowing up.

“I had started to type out a lengthy explanation of how I like spending time with friends, say in a bar or resturant, but then I thought ‘hang on I also like being at home’.

“To begin with I was concerned that women might be put off by a man with such a complex duality. But now I’m glad that I decided to be honest.”

He added: “My inbox is completely full – and not just with women saying ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’. There are offers of marriage, people wanting to hook-up immediately – all of it accompanied by language that I would describe as ‘sexually aggressive’.”

Nikki Hollis, one of the woman who messaged Malley, said: “If there’s one thing I find irresistibly hot, it’s lack of detail.”