Saturday, 15th August 2020

Watching someone correctly load dishwasher is biggest turn-on ever

WATCHING your partner load the dishwasher in the correct way is the sexiest thing ever, it has been confirmed.

Research has shown that the ability to stack crockery and cutlery the right way, as opposed to just shoving everything the hell in, is extremely arousing.

Emma Bradford, 33, said: “Last night my boyfriend actually rinsed off the plates before loading them up and managed to fit more than three items in the top shelf.

“There wasn’t even anything left to ‘soak’ in the sink. I have never wanted him more.”

Bradford’s partner Steve said: “No sooner had I closed the dishwasher door than she was all over me. I had no idea I was so desirable to women.

“Although I think it’s much sexier if someone manages to cook dinner without using every single pot and pan in the kitchen.

“Or maybe if they bothered to put a new toilet roll on the actual toilet roll holder. Just once. That would do it for me.”