Sunday, 18th April 2021

Woman yet to be told it's weird to be friends with exes

A WOMAN who has stayed in touch with all her ex-boyfriends does not realise it is unnecessary and odd behaviour.

Eleanor Shaw, 34, maintains regular contact with all her exes, including the one she saw for five days while on holiday in Newquay in 2003.

Shaw said: “I didn’t value my time with these men enough to sustain the relationships, but I like to think I will haunt their dreams forever.

“Often I touch base with them at key milestones in my life, such as when I’m doing really well or looking really good.

And sometimes it’s at key moments in their lives, like when I identify from their social media that they are acting as if they never went out with me.”

Tom Logan, Shaw’s boyfriend of eighteen months from university, said: “Am I still going to be receiving random ‘long time no see - how’s you?’ messages when we’re in our eighties? Someone needs to tell her the end of a relationship should be met with awkwardness and silence.”