Apple Tightens Grip With Launch Of iTold

APPLE is to tighten its grip on 21st Century society this week with the launch of iTold, a new software application which will seize control of every aspect of your life.

Kneel before Jobs

The computer giant is concerned that many people buying its products, especially the recently launched iPhone, regard them as their own private property and not an actual physical extension of the body of Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

It is particularly annoyed that many iPhone owners have been using them for their own ends instead of using them to tell the world that Jobs is a genius or possibly the son of God.

Mr Jobs said: “I didn’t create a huge company peddling all sorts of over-engineered crap so that people could buy it off me with their own money and then think it was their's to do with as they pleased.

“You might think that handing over your cash for one of my products gives you ownership rights. Wrong. Once you buy one of my products I own you and you are my bitch. So bend over and shut the fuck up while I update your ass with my hard-drive, you cocksuckers.”

Ted Knutz, iTold developer, said: “The iTold will download automatically onto all Apple appliances and gives Steve Jobs the irrevocable right to take the virginity of the daughters of anyone who has purchased an Apple product in the last 30 years, and the sons as well if he wants, but obviously not at the same time as that would be disgusting.

“Once installed iTold will order all Apple users to give a tenth of their annual income to Jobs, either in money or in kind by working in his fields. It will also make them fight for Jobs should he declare war on any of his business rivals.

“We are not saying he will, but if he does and you don’t turn up ready to die for Apple then iTold will turn your iPhone into steaming lump of dog shit and make your MacBook download child porn until the police smash your door down and lock you up forever in a six-foot cell with a giant murdering arse rapist. That will be $99 please.”