Arseholes confused about God’s plan for homosexuals

RELIGIOUS homophobes are unclear about why God is letting HIV become less infectious.

Hate-fuelled zealot Roy Hobbs said: “When Aids came along it was clear to me that this was God’s wrath against deviants, just as cancer is God’s way of punishing people for nothing in particular.

“Now they’re saying that the HIV virus, which as I understand it is made of tiny angry angels, is evolving to become less deadly.

“I’m just confused as to why God would do that. I mean there’s still loads of homosexuals around, you only have to turn on Channel 4 or any programme about cakes.

“I’ve never imagined God as the sort of being who is wrathful for a bit and then sort of chills out.

“I feel so tense and confused. If only I was allowed to have a wank, that might help.”