Best technological advance of last 40 years was Ice Magic

THE technological advance of the last four decades that has done most to change ordinary lives was Ice Magic, Britons have agreed. 

Survey respondents said that neither the internet, flatscreen televisions, the mapping of the human genome or the blue LED could beat a chocolate sauce that instantly hardened into a chocolate shell.

Martin Bishop of Warwick said: “I remember the first time I saw it. The amazement. The wonder. In a sense I never recovered from that moment.

“You must remember ice-cream technology was very primitive at that time. Cookie dough or fudge whirls had yet to be even conceived. We were impressed by Neapolitan.

“And then Ice Magic came along, the true extent of its innovation unknown until that fateful moment when syrup hit ice-cream and a liquid became a solid.

“It was like touching God. I knew, in that moment, that mankind had reached a new peak, that nothing – interstellar travel, time travel, creating new life – was beyond our grasp.

“But then it was discontinued and you can’t buy it anymore.”