Couple’s wedding theme is ‘Look how rich our parents are’

AN engaged couple have decided to theme their upcoming wedding around their parents’ vast wealth.

Nikki Hollis and Julian Cook toyed with several motifs, including their shared love of snowboarding and Dubai breaks, before settling on a celebration of their family finances.

Hollis said: “Well, they are spending more than £130,000 on the day, so it just seemed an honest one that everyone could have fun with.

“The invitations are embossed with images of our family homes, we’ve ordered a cake shaped like Tom’s dad’s yacht and my dad’s speech will dwell on wonderful moments we’ve had in luxury destinations around the world.

“There’s a free bar with trained mixologists, continuing the theme of abundant money, and all the wedding cars will be borrowed from our next-door neighbour in Buckinghamshire. Who’s Jamiroquai.”

The pair added that, in keeping with their theme, they will eschew the fashionable sentiment that guests’ presence is enough.

Hollis said: “Fuck that. The wedding list starts at £500.”