Book about intelligence only bought by stupid people

A POP psychology book claiming to explain intelligence has not been bought by anyone intelligent, it has emerged.

Psychologist Stephen Malley’s book Smart Ways to Think has been ignored by actual clever people but is selling well to idiots who want to somehow become clever without making any effort.

Student Wayne Hayes said: “Smart Ways to Think is excellent because it explains there’s no objective measure of intelligence. So if I fail my A-levels I’m still intelligent, just in ways no one knows about.

“I discovered I’m much stronger on visual-spatial intelligence than verbal-linguistic, because I hate reading but I finished Uncharted 4 in 11 hours. That’s some Stephen Hawking shit right there.”

Aromatherapist Nikki Hollis said: “Intelligence is a fascinating subject. I haven’t read a book this good since Astrology Secrets of the Ancient Astronauts.

“I particularly liked the bit about how intelligent people make bad decisions. Last week I drank loads of Jagerbombs on an empty stomach and was dizzy for three days, obviously this proves I have genius potential.”