Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Bored man wondering if you can put soup in a Soda Stream

A MAN is wondering how far he can take his home carbonating device while hefting a tin of Big Soup questioningly in one hand. 

Wayne Hayes purchased the SodaStream a month ago and has so far operated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, as is the human condition, he has become drawn to the unknown – and the forbidden.

He said: “I’d be pushing beyond the known limit of gastronomy. But fortune favours the brave.

“There’s a lot that could go wrong. The nozzle could clog. The bottle may rupture. Everything could taste of minestrone from now on. Most likely there’ll be soup up the wall.

“And that’s if it goes badly. I have no plan at all for what I do if it’s a success.

“You know what? Ships are safe in harbour but that’s not what they’re built for. I’m getting the tin-opener.

“Actually, that sounds like my wife’s car. Better not.”