Thursday, 6th May 2021

Coronavirus 'still not as stressful as explaining Windows 10 upgrade to your parents'

A MAN has found that supporting his parents during coronavirus is nothing compared to the trauma of helping them install Windows 10.

Joshua Hudson’s parents Helen and Roger are largely unconcerned about the deadly global virus but utterly terrified of the small box on their screen suggesting a dull but harmless update. 

Hudson said: “Mum kept phoning me in a panic while I was in bed on Sunday morning, saying something about Windows 10 popping up on her laptop again.

“Telling her it was all fine and legit and she should just install it was impossible, like trying to explain cryptocurrency to a badger.

“I finally got them to do it after about eight hours of exhausting, confusing phone calls and Skyping, it but they were still suspicious. I think they think I’ve become a Russian hacker.”

Helen Hudson said: “I read all about phishing on the Saga website. I email Auntie Jean from this laptop so what if they steal her identity? She could get home one day and there’d be someone else sitting in her bungalow saying it was theirs.

“It happens, you know.”