‘Did you see me in space?’ asks Tim Peake

BRITISH astronaut Tim Peake is excitably asking if everyone saw him when he was in space because that is where he was. 

Peake, who touched down today, has so far informed every member of his medical team, his wife Rebecca and 784,000 Twitter followers that if they had looked up over the last six months they would have seen him, in space.

He added: “I did a speech at the Brit Awards from space, and I did a marathon in space, and I did a bedtime story for CBeebies from space, and I ate my tea in space and then I would go to bed in space.

“Did you see me? Which things that I did in space do you want me to talk about? Because I did loads and they were all in space.”

Friend Norman Steele said: “Christ, this is like when he came back from his gap year all over again.”