Google Launch Own-Brand Sausage

GOOGLE is to launch its own brand of sausages after it emerged that the most frequently asked question by internet users is "what sausage shall I eat today?"

The Google Banger™ will be launched globally next month and has been described by chief executive Eric Schmidt as the next stage in company's strategy to meet every conceivable human desire.

He added "We don’t just want to provide people with online answers, we want to make them eat the answers too."

Schmidt said he envisaged a day when Google would not only provide sauages, but "ham, bacon, lamb shanks and pornography. Lots and lots of pornography".

The Google Banger™ will be launched at the next Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and is expected to start a stampede of product launches from high-tech rivals.

Microsoft will soon unveil its own-brand 'straight from the tub' ice cream, Yahoo is working on an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner, while Apple user internet forums are already buzzing with rumours about the company’s forthcoming iPear.

But Shami Chakrabati, director of the civil rights lobby group Liberty, said: "Are we really going to let some giant American corporation tell us the type of sausage we should consume? Have you ever tried a Corn Dog? Well have you?"