Google Translate hasn’t got a f**king clue what to do with mother’s passive aggressive texts

GOOGLE has admitted its translation service has no idea how to decipher a mother’s tone in her latest series of messages.

In an act of desperation, perplexed Sally Jenkins entered several of her mother’s cryptic notes into Google Translate in a bid to understand ‘what the hell she was getting at’.

Jenkins said: “I noticed something was up with mum’s texts when she started ending each one with a full stop. Nobody does that, not even serial killers.”

Jenkins fed the messages into Google Translate, mostly involving a planned visit that ‘will be over before it’s started’, but moments later her laptop had crashed.

A Google spokesman said: “We’ve got someone working round the clock on passive-aggressive mother-speak. I suppose we could just ask them what it is they are actually trying to say, but we’re too scared.

“We did ask a couple of mothers if they could just offer us some basic guidance. They said they were happy to, but they said it in a strange tone that might have implied something else.”