Man confuses young people by saying he ‘taped’ a TV show

A MAN has confused his younger co-workers by explaining he had ‘taped’ a TV show to watch later.

Martin Bishop, 42, told his colleagues that although he had not managed to see this week’s episode of Grand Designs ‘when it was on’ he would still be able to watch it because of ‘tape’.

Bishop’s colleague Nikki Hollis, 23, said: “It makes no sense. How or why would you put tape on Grand Designs? And is it Sellotape, masking tape, tapeworm, what?

“He also keeps saying things are ‘wicked’. It makes me hate him.”

Bishop said: “Yes, I am a fair few years older than most of my colleagues, but you wouldn’t know. I would say they all think I am pretty wicked.”

Bishop has also been confusing his workmates by asking them whether a film had ‘come out on video’.