Group of women dancing in club spot man sashaying towards them

A GROUP of women having a lovely time dancing in a club have spotted a man sashaying towards them.

The man noticed the women having a good time and within minutes decided to take it upon himself to infiltrate the group and make everyone feel uncomfortable.

Tom Logan, 32, said: “I saw them dancing in a circle. They were doing shots and laughing, having a brilliant time. Saw I thought that would be the perfect moment to dance over and really send the evening downhill for all of them.

“I picked up my drink and swayed over to the group, dancing behind one of them. She didn’t acknowledge me and continued dancing. Undeterred, I then tried to get into the circle of them dancing, just to really get my point across that they should be aware of my presence.

“They should know that any fun they were having should involve me, or they shouldn’t have fun at all.”

Emma Bradford, 27, one of the women from the group, said: “I just want to have a nice time with my friends and not be circled by a man looking to peel off the weakest member of the group. We are not antelope.”