Man personally offended by friend’s small TV

A MAN is absolutely outraged at the pathetic size and technological backwardness of his friend’s television.

Nathan Muir has admitted feeling utter disgust at friend Tom Logan’s 32-inch TV which has neither 4K or OLED and is not even curved.

He said: “I walked in and was like, shit, what’s happened to your telly? Why have you got the bathroom one in the lounge?

“Turns out that is his actual telly. Like his main telly. ‘It’s high-definition,’ he said, for all the world as if it was 2009 or something.

“Put it on and the picture, christ. I don’t know how he looks at it. ‘Have you at least changed the settings?’ I said. He hadn’t. Default fucking settings.

“Tried to get YouTube on and guess what. Not even a smart TV. No internet connectivity. Looked around for his soundbar? Hasn’t got one. Using the actual TV speakers.”

Muir added: “I don’t think I can go round there again. I don’t know if I can be friends with someone who has such different values.”