Mother unveils breakthrough discovery about 33-year-old daughter’s face

A MOTHER has announced the discovery of age-related imperfections on her 33-year-old daughter’s face.

Mary Fisher and her daughter Susan were browsing for Christmas presents in John Lewis, when the light caught Susan’s face at an angle clearly revealing ‘crow’s feet’ and other signs of ageing.

Once satisfied in the veracity of her findings, Fisher announced them to everyone in earshot on the second floor of the department store.

She told her daughter: “I can’t believe you’ve got wrinkles, it seems like only yesterday you were young.”

Fisher added: “Obviously if you see signs of ageing in your daughter you have to alert her. She might not notice otherwise, which could lead to insufficient effort to find a husband.

“Anyway I told her she’s still quite attractive for her age, and it’ll be fine so long as she never smiles.

“But she mustn’t frown. That’s why her forehead’s like it is.”