Net Scammers Let Down By Rubbish Grammar Says DTI

INTERNET fraudsters are missing out on huge riches because their email language skills are “so shit” they can only con the most gullible of punters, according to a damning Government report. 

Type me in your details bank please here I send money you

Too many net scams are failing at the outset because the fraudulent “phishing” emails are so badly spelled and constructed that only the really greedy or illiterate will ever be taken in.

Worse offenders are former members of the Nigerian government and crime gangs from Eastern Europe, whose English is particular appalling, the report for the Department of Industry says.

A spokesman for the DTI said: “I have lost count of the number of times I have been about to send all my bank details over the internet to a complete stranger only to be brought to my senses at the last second by a rogue semi-colon or a mis-spelling of the word ‘discreet’. It's just not good enough.”

Neil Harris, of the British Association of Internet Bank Fraudsters, welcomed the report saying it was “overdue by long and a chalk”.

He said: “If there one thing, is we told us membies time every time, it are that they must make proper use English in web page false one or email scam. Otherwise no fool; damn or other, is going to get take in! are them?”