Nobody sure why status updates shouting at them

NO-ONE is sure why status updates on Facebook are now shouting at them.

People using Facebook this weekend noticed that some updates without links to things are now put in a larger font, making it look like you’ve accidentally double tapped the screen on your phone.

Facebook user Stephen Malley said: “Fuck knows why they’ve done it.

“When it was smaller I didn’t quite realise how much shit people were talking but now that it’s massive it really is noticeable.

A guy I used to work with drunkenly posted something about the Man United game last night and because of the new bigger font it was like getting yelled at in the street by a football hooligan.”

A spokesperson for Facebook said, “This new larger font has nothing to do with the fact Mark Zuckerberg recently lost his glasses.

But if any one does find a pair of plain grey readers anywhere they should hand them into head office.”