Obscure planet asks David Attenborough to do its documentary

A LITTLE-KNOWN planet has approached David Attenborough to make a documentary about it.

Planet Kepler 186f said: “I’ve been scouting the Universe to find the right person to do my promotional documentary and fell in love David’s work. It’s just so tasteful.

“Every life form here watches The Blue Planet, although we jokingly refer to it as The Murky Grey Planet because you keep on polluting it, you maniacs.

“We’re guessing David is expensive but our offer would include travel and expenses. To be honest though Chris Packham might be more within our budget.”

The planet added: “We have a creature here that’s only been caught on camera once. It’s sort of an aggressive orange blob with a loud voice, wispy hair and a heavily-wrinkled anus for a mouth.

“Just curious, have you got anything like that?”