Printer not doing anything until you apologise

YOUR printer is not doing one single thing unless it gets a full apology for the way it has been treated. 

The printer is refusing to speak to you, your phone or your laptop by either wireless, Bluetooth or direct connection until it gets a sorry that sounds sorry.

It said: “You do not act that way to me. I don’t care what kind of pressure you’re under at work.

“I was going to print it, wasn’t I? It was in my queue, you could see that, but just because I’m taking the time to do a proper job you cannot hold your temper.

“No, there’s not a paper jam. That’s just an excuse. No, I don’t need ink. How about a bit of appreciation once in a while? Some flowers?”

Your wireless router said: “Don’t look at me. It’s never acknowledged I exist in five years.”