Couple who claim their cats are ‘just like babies’ slept for eight hours last night

A COUPLE who believe looking after two cats makes them just the same as new parents have enjoyed another night of blissful, uninterrupted sleep. 

Emma Bradford tells friends that her pets are both a burden and a blessing but that however hard looking after them is, she has never regretted the decision.

She continued: “It’s such a responsibility.  There’s the twice-daily feeding, which isn’t nearly as easy as just whipping a boob out. The tin opener sticks and the food smells awful. It’s a nightmare.

“Then there’s all the love and attention cats need. Scott, who’s the needy one, sits on me about four times a day, just like a human baby, making it impossible to get anything done.”

“And there’s not enough support out there for owners. Did you know you have to clean a cat’s litter every single day? If people knew how stressful it was, I bet nobody would even have a cat.

“The only break we get is in the evening when we put them out and also for long stretches during the day, when they’re in the garden, and also at night when they’re locked in the conservatory.

“Other than that it’s non-stop. Who’d be a parent?”