Thursday, 13th May 2021

Stone-cold psycho sitting on bus staring out of window without even headphones in

A MAN who is riding a bus without any form of entertainment is presumed by his fellow passengers to be extremely dangerous. 

Stephen Malley has unnerved onlookers by not watching a film or television series, not listening to music or a podcast, and instead staring into the distance like some kind of maniac.

Passenger Wayne Hayes said: “He was looking intently out of the window like it was some kind of phone screen or laptop.

“I don’t know exactly how he thought he was going to hear a stranger’s sarcastic thoughts about Brexit or see a friend’s honeymoon pictures that way. It’s like going back to medieval times, like 2008.”

“Sometimes people have books, and we don’t trust them but we tolerate them. But nothing? Nothing at all? He’s clearly ready to snap.”

Malley said: “Every now and again I said ‘death is coming’ at a normal conversational volume because I knew that literally nobody would hear me.”