Uncle test-flying nephew’s Christmas present in deep shit

AN uncle who gave his nephew’s Christmas drone a sneaky test flight is worried he might not get it back without complications.

Joseph Turner of Crawley thought he would give the £65 drone “a quick go” but lost control and is unsure where it went, other than near “a big wide empty road”.

He said: “If I’ve scuffed the casing, I can probably get the marks off with a damp cloth. But it could be considerably worse than that.

“The camera’s not that great – it looked better on the box – but I got the impression it might have flown into the general area of Gatwick. Where all that fuss is. I hope it’s not related.

“At least with all the policemen everywhere one of them’s bound to find it, but the danger is I won’t get it back before the 23rd, which doesn’t leave time to charge the battery and get it wrapped.

“Anyway, it definitely works. I think Jack will have lots of fun with it. If the worst comes to the worst I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to send presents from prison.”

He added: “I’m probably in the clear because they say the Gatwick drone flyer could be an eco-warrior. Well that’s not me. I barely recycle.”