WhatsApp archive graveyard of lost loves and friendships

WHATSAPP archives are graveyards filled with lost loves, abandoned friendships and failed career opportunities, it has emerged.

Anyone brave enough to click through will find a cold shiver going down their spine as they sift through a legion of undead conversations that have not yet been fully deleted.

Francesca Johnson said: “Sometimes I realise there’s a new notification in there, which means a message has appeared in the Vault of Shame because I didn’t block some freak properly.

“I have to creep back in to the WhatsApp dungeon to finish it off, while trying to shield my eyes from the grisly sight of other slowly decomposing conversations.

“All the ex-chats are there, laying in wait. The weirdos from Tinder, their last ‘u up? Send nudes’ messages lingering like ghostly whispers on the the breeze.

“Then there’s the ‘Henz 4eva’ group chats of parties long finished and forgotten, skulking in the darkness like the rats nibbling at Miss Hanvisham’s rotting wedding cake.  Each time I dash back into the light of my live chats I swear with a grateful shudder that I shall never return to that gruesome place.”

Tinder user Tom Logan, who Johnson went on a single date with nine months ago, wrote: “heeyyy babe, wanna hook up?’

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