Woman believes social media best place to cry and discuss personal problems

A WOMAN is convinced social media is a suitable forum for her to cry and discuss her most intimate personal problems.

Sophie Rodriguez, aged 31, felt that an argument with boyfriend Jack Browne would be made better by posting a series of screenshots on her Instagram stories and that this was appropriate behaviour for a fully grown adult.

Rodriguez said: “Everyone knows a lover’s tiff is improved by bringing in the opinions of friends, acquaintances and total strangers, who always respond sincerely and have your best interests at heart.

“Sometimes I don’t even provide any context, and post a selection of shots of me weeping, so people feel obliged to get in touch saying things like ‘U ok hun? DM me’. Which I never do, as I’m only in it for the dopamine high of their immediate attention. I don’t actually want to discuss my feelings in a healthy way.

“Do I think it’s too much to reveal deepest, darkest secrets online? No, of course not. It’s not like social media is a fickle hellhole where people take screenshots and use them against you later.”

Browne said: “It drives me nuts when Sophie puts all this intimate stuff on the internet. I sent some pictures of her posts to a Reddit forum called ‘Is my girlfriend mental?’ and everyone agreed she shouldn’t be revealing private things like that.”

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