Monday, 10th May 2021

Woman who said email went into her spam folder full of sh*t

A WOMAN who claims she did not reply to an email because it went into her spam folder is talking sh*t.

Office worker Emma Bradford actually received the message from Nikki Hollis three months ago, but simply could not be a*sed to read it.

Hollis said: “I sent Emma several emails about possible job opportunities, but they all seem to have got lost in the email system in an awful stroke of bad luck. Either that or she is a lazy cow.

“I sent her a second email ‘chasing up’ my first email, then a third one just ‘checking in’ on my second. Then I sent her one thanking her in advance for her reply but still heard nothing, so I did the unthinkable and rang her.

“Weirdly, when she answered the phone she had just that minute found my emails in her spam folder. What an amazing, statistically improbable coincidence that was.

"After all that she just said she was sorry she missed my emails and she'll respond in due course. What does that even mean? She may as well have told me to p*ss off."

Bradford defended her actions, saying: “Who? What? P*ss off, I’m going to lunch.”