Serial Killer Was ‘Outgoing And Chatty’ Say Neighbours

SHOCKED residents of a small Scottish village have revealed that the serial killer who lived among them was "a really nice fellow" who always had time for a chat and was especially good with kids.

Charlie Reeves, convicted last week for the brutal slaying of 114 men and women over a ten year period, was friendly, well adjusted and had loads of pals, his neighbours in Old Cumnock said.

Charlie Reeves: 'Perfectly normal'

Gladys Enright, 83, said: "There was none of this 'he was a loner who kept himself to himself' nonsense with Charlie that you get with all those other killers. He was always dotting about, chatting and having a laugh. We really had no idea.

"Yes, the nights were occasionally rent with the odd blood curdling scream emanating from his garage, but we just put it down to high spirits, or a party gone just a bit wild."

Bob Ferris, 56, said he too never had any suspicion that Reeves, who he numbered among his best friends, would turn out to be officially Scotland's most fiendish fiend.

"I did find what looked like a woman's finger in his drive once, but Charlie just laughed it off and said one of his other pals must have left it behind by mistake, and so I thought no more about it," he said.

Billy Tames, 42, owner of the local hardware store said Reeves was constantly popping in to buy blades for his rotary saw, twine, masking tape, and highly corrosive acid, just like any normal member of the tight-knit community.

He said: "He never did anything to raise suspicion. With hindsight though his 'I'm Jake the Peg, With My Extra Leg' routine at the Christmas show now looks pretty dodgy."