21st-century teenager has no idea of 19th-century workplace awaiting him

A TEENAGER whose life is a round of computer games and idle internet fixations is oblivious to the Victorian-style workplace hell that awaits him, it has emerged.

Tom Logan, 16, who enjoys PlayStation and messing about on his phone in class is utterly unprepared mentally for the gruelling adult life which will see him toiling in an Amazon warehouse.

When asked what he planned to do for a living, Logan’s response was to ask what a “living” was. When this was explained to him, he crouched into the foetal position for five minutes, then crawled over to a radiator and played Minecraft for a further 45 minutes.

Professor Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “In a way, earlier generations had it easier. A miserable, deprived childhood full of random violence and boredom before emerging into a life of affordable housing, secure jobs and ample leisure time.

“For this generation, it’s a cosy start of enlightening schooling and parenting, technological creature comforts and distractions, followed by decades of latterday workhouse misery.”